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Below you will find informations and detailed statistics about our server clans and gangs.


Pe server-ul nostru sunt 5 ganguri cu propria baza care se lupta intre ele pentru teritorii.
- Gangurile pot fi achizitionate din Shop, dar numai daca exista vreun gang liber!
- Gang-urile sunt conduse de catre unul sau mai multi owners, sub care se afla mai multi leaders, co-leaders si members.
- Fiecare gang owner isi poate decide conditiile de promovare a membrilor la grade mai inalte.
- Fiecare gang are propriul sau subforum unde membrii pot posta. Pentru mai multe detalii, verifica sectiunea de gang-uri aici.
- Teritoriile de gang-uri pot fi capturate pe server folosind comanda /capture in locatiile marcate!
- Gangurile au acces la o arena speciala de death match si la un sistem de team war unde ele se pot lupta.

Oricine poate avea propriul sau clan pe server daca are cel putin 3 ore jucate.
- Clanurile sunt gratuite, oricine le poate avea folosind comanda /CreateClan!
- Vei avea propriul clan chat, propriul spawn si un skin special pentru membrii si lideri.
- Clanurile au propriile puncte pentru care pot lupta pentru un loc in /top.

On our server there are 5 gangs with their own base which fight one against each other for territories.
- Gangs can be purchased from our Shop, but only if there is any free gang available!
- Gangs are lead by one or more owners, under which there could be a couple of leaders, co-leaders and members.
- Each gang owner can decide how to promote their members to higher grades.
- Each gang has it's own board where members could post on our forums. For more details, check the gang boards section here.
- Gang territories can be captured on our server by using /capture command in marked capture spots!
- Gangs have access to a special death match arena and to a team war system where they can battle.

Anyone could have his or her own clan on our server if it has atleast 3 hours played on our server.
- Clans are free, anyone could have it's own by using /CreateClan command!
- You would have your own clan chat, your own clan spawn, and a special skin for members and leaders.
- Clans are having their own clan kills points so they can fight for a place in /top.